Bankruptcy Protection in Wyoming

Hishaw Law provides bankruptcy services in Wyoming and offers a holistic approach to debt relief and wealth creation. Allow Hishaw Law to be your stress reliever by filing your Wyoming Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition .Garnishments, medical and credit card debt can all be eliminated by filing a Chapter 7 petition. 

Chapter 7 

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Wyoming, once your bankruptcy paperwork is filed your creditors they will not have access to any of your income while your case is pending. 

Typically a discharge is received within 4 to 6 months after filing. You are restricted to filing bankruptcy every 8 years. Some property like household items, pension, life insurance and more cannot be confiscated by creditors depending on Wyoming bankruptcy law.

Student loan debt, back taxes, and child support are considered non-exempt and cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy.  If the Bankruptcy Trustee (Judge) discovers the debtor is hiding or transferring assets your bankruptcy will not be accepted. Wyoming Bankruptcy Court fees are an additional $335. Please read the following bankruptcy disclosure that outline your rights in filing bankruptcy. All disclosures must be read prior to becoming a client of Hishaw Law.  We will explain the disclosures in detail during our initial consultation again once payment is executed. Please click on the bankruptcy disclosures tab.

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