Our Mission


The mission of Hishaw Law, LL.C., is to provide quality Wyoming Bankruptcy attorney services and to build a financial legacy for working families throughout the state by relieving your debt through bankruptcy protection in Wyoming and estate planning services. We accomplish this with the use of a testamentary will, family trust, member managed Limited Liability Corporation and more.  

Hishaw LawLL.C., is equipped to advise you on what estate planning options will best protect your assets.  Our existing relationship with an area conservation entity can also provide federal tax incentives to ensure your land stays in the family for conservation and agriculture purposes.


Our Core Belief


Our core values are competency, thoroughness, and integrity which are essential in building an effective attorney client relationship.  Hishaw Law offers one on one legal representation in a relaxing environment, has over ten years of experience, and is readily available to meet your legal needs. 

Ms. Hishaw's commitment to community is evident by her philanthropic endeavors in establishing F.A.R.M.S., a nonprofit that provides services to small farmers and landowners in various states to ensure land retention.   With the success of F.A.R.M.S., Ms. Hishaw’s proven track record in providing excellent legal services to clients throughout Wyoming, regardless the practice area, is evident.  

Please contact us today to schedule your free and confidential consultation at (307)228-0407 or via email or complete our Contact Form.