Uncontested Divorce - Low cost legal service

Several online legal service providers are established and employed by non-legal professionals.  With us you are getting the security of legal advisement at an affordable cost and filing instructions.  we do not file any court documents on your behalf, once the complaint, summons and cover sheet is drafted, you must complete the remaining forms and file all documentation in a timely manner. we will provide you with the instructions to complete the remaining forms and instructions regarding filing.  if anyone files an answer or a counterclaim, you should seek separate legal counsel.  We only handle uncontested (agree to all terms) divorce.

Residency Requirement: You or your soon to be former spouse must reside in the state for at least 60-days.  No fault divorce are often granted based on irreconcilable differences.  At-fault divorce are issued if your future former spouse is diagnosed with a mental illness and/or have been institutionalized in two years.  Wyoming is a no-fault divorce, for example if there was infidelity in the marriage that is not cause for the court to grant a divorce purely based on those reasons. 

Uncontested Divorce: works when both spouses agree to civilly resolve their differences, avoiding the costs of high legal fees and stress on all parties especially when children are involved.  If you both are in disagreement about marital property, custody, child support and visitation, our online, uncontested divorce services are not for you and we suggest you hire a component divorce lawyer in your area.  WE DO NOT HANDLE CONTESTED DIVORCE MATTERS.  

Filing Fees: vary from $50 to $350 depending on the county you reside in. For example Laramie County filing fee is $70.00.

Alimony: You can request alimony once the divorce process begins, the amount varies and depending on the paying spouse income and assets and the needs of the receiving spouse. The awarded amount will be determined based on what is fair and reasonable for all parties involved.


Information Required:

You will want to gather the following information before starting a self-help divorce interview:

*Your spouse's name, address, and date of birth.
*Your marriage date and where your marriage was registered.
*Your separation date.
*A complete list of personal property owned by you and/or your spouse, including the purchase price and the date when you got the property, how much it is worth now, any amount owed on the property, where the title is registered, and whether you or your spouse bought the property using marital funds or whether it was a gift or inheritance.
*A complete list of money items, such as savings or checking accounts, stocks, bonds, cash, including the name and address of the bank, the date the account was opened, the type of account, the account number and the property's estimated value.  
*A list of real property (land and/or home) owned by you and/or your spouse, including the property's estimated value, legal description, and amount still owed on the property.
*A complete list of vehicles owned by you and/or your spouse, including make, model, year and vehicle identification number (VIN). 
*A list of any business interests held by you or your spouse, including estimated value.
*A list of any other assets (boats, mobile homes, etc.) owned by you or your spouse, including estimated value.
*A complete list of debts owed by you and/or your spouse, including creditor name and current amount owed and if it is a loan, what it was used to buy (i.e. car loan, mortgage, etc.)  
*A list of your monthly income.