Wyoming Agricultural Law Advocate

Wyoming Agricultural Law relates to the growth, distribution, and sale of food. Agricultural Law services in Wyoming also intersects various areas of law including labor, environmental, intellectual property, bankruptcy, finance and more. Ms. Hishaw holds a Legal Masters in Agricultural law from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville and has a decade of experience working in various realms of agricultural law.  Due to the enormity of this particular area of law Ms. Hishaw’s focus areas include:

Drafting of Conservation Easements

In partnership with a Wyoming government agency or a third party entity like a land trust, Hishaw law has the skill set to draft a conservation easement document protecting the conservation use of your land. The agreement restricts the use of the land to conservation and/or agricultural purposes. 

Ms. Hishaw is a former board member of the Ozark Regional Landtrust in Missouri and has worked on conservation easement issues while employed for the Missouri Department of Conservation.  She has published law articles on the use of conservation easement and created and taught an undergraduate course focused on conservation and environmental law topics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. 

The implementation of a conservation easement is also an effective estate planning tool that is often underutilized.  Allow Hishaw Law to meet your conservation and estate planning needs all in one service. 


Hishaw Law has provided universities, farm coop's and other entities with program development and management services in addition to grant writing, purchasing and retail marketing assistance.  

Labor and Immigration Law

Immigration law is governed under US Citizenship and Immigration Services and these matters can be divided into five different categories:

  • Employment
  • Family
  • Work-site Compliance
  • Education
  • Domestic./International Visa Issues

Labor laws in relation to agricultural workers are derived from the Migrant & Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act and certain agricultural labor exemptions. Ms. Hishaw published 2013 South Dakota Law Review article on migrant labor document her knowledge of the subject.

There is a distinction between H-2A and H-2B workers. H-2A workers are agricultural workers and H-2B are non-agricultural workers.  The cap for H-2B visas is at 66,000 per year, however, there is no cap on H-2A worker visas.

Hishaw Law focuses on H-2A and H-4 (non-immigrant spouse and unmarried children of H-2A worker) visas for temporary agricultural workers and migrant and seasonal workers in Wyoming. This includes preparing and filing petitions, H-2A visa applications, labor certification applications and other non-contested matters. 

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